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What are the treatments?

Body Sculpting treatments include: Lipo Cavitation, Laser Lipolysis. Radio Frequency Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Wood Therapy, Vacuum BBL and others

How does it work?
Body Sculpting works through the lymphatic system. Basically the lymph system is the garbage disposal of our bodies, it is responsible for filtering our system out and eliminating toxins. Fat cells begin to break down and liquify, then toxins and fat cells enter the lymphatic system where it is then metabolized and eliminated through urine. Hydration before and after your appointment is key to flush your lymph system of the fluid and toxins. 
How much can I lose? 
You can lose anywhere from from 1/2 inch to 3 inches of fat and can continue to see changes 72 hours after but can go as long as 6 months. With consistent sessions you can see changes in 3 weeks. Ultimately the results may vary between each individual's tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medication, and changes in hormones. 
How often can I get a treatment?
It is recommended to have one session every 3-7 days and sessions last a maximum of 30-60 minutes depending on the person and area treated. The interval between each session is on average one week but can be done every 3 days if necessary. 
How long do the results last? 
The first treatment will usually show an immediate change. With continuing treatments, the results will be gradual over a number of weeks as your body clears the fatty tissues. The results can be long lasting provided you follow a healthy diet and exercise program along with the basic maintenance sessions. However, it is very easy to deposit fat again into the tissues if one overeats, consumes too much alcohol or doesn't exercise. Ultimately the results may vary between each individual's tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medication, and changes in hormones.
Can everyone receive treatments?Body Sculpting is for ANY-BODY, however, people with kidney failure, heart disease, thyroid disease, immune disease, carrying a pacemaker, pregnant women, severe high blood pressure, lactating women etc. are not suitable for the Lipo Cavitation treatment in particular. 

Flawless Body FAQ's

Flawless Tan FAQ's

How does airbrush tanning work?

Airbrush tanning works by applying a colorless sugar known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to the skin in order to interact with the outermost layer of skin known as the epidermis. In turn, this action causes a color change and therefore gives the appearance of a "tan" on the skin.


Is airbrush tanning safe for my skin?

The use of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatology, The American Cancer Society, The American Medical Society, and has been approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition to being approved by many organizations, an airbrush tan can also be beneficial to improve the look of stretch marks, cellulite, vitiligo, hyper pigmentation, and any other surface skin discolorations. 


Can I tan while pregnant? 

The most recent reports on DHA interaction with the skin indicate that it is safe for pregnant women to use, although you should always consult with a physician before making an appointment as every woman's health is different.


How long will my tan last?

50% of your tan longevity is our technique and application and 50% is your prep and aftercare. You have to take care of your tan well after being sprayed. Your airbrush tan will last as long as it takes for your skin to naturally exfoliate, which is typically 5-10 days depending on how well you prep and the steps taken in aftercare. The best way to maintain and prolong the life of your tan is to keep your skin hydrated by applying a scentless lotion daily or ideally our Tan Extend Lotion. Moisturizing daily will also help to ensure that your tan fades evenly. 


What should I wear during my tanning session?

We want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible whether you opt to be in your bathing suit or your birthday suit! We have spray safe disposable bras and full bottom or thong underwear available. Many female clients often wear just bottoms because they like to see a tan line to recognize the before and after color, but feel free to wear what makes you comfortable. Male clients will not tan nude and must wear a sock, boxers, or garment cover. 


How long will my mobile appointment take? 

At Flawless Beauty Bar, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a quality, thorough, and informative experience. During your appointment we will go over skin care, color options, and aftercare. Typically, a mobile appointment will last around 45 minutes. We are currently only booking mobile appointments for parties of 3 or more.


Try our services, we promise you won't regret it!

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